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NHS Nepal’s elective represent a unique opportunity for medical students to experience healthcare in an unfamiliar setting in which they are accustomed to studying in a place or field of specific interest. This is classically designed in an expertise setting to experience a specialist field, a place the student is considering to work in the future. Placement in a particular specialist setting may allow students insight into a potential career path. It also allows students to participate in the research or implementation of new treatments or practices.

Placements in Nepal may provide experience of differing practices. It allows students to encounter various medical conditions they are less used to seeing at developed countries. Furthermore, students are exposed directly to communities and patients to broaden their horizons with regards to the social issues affecting healthcare in developing countries.

Offered faculties



Any Student enrolled in a Medical School, College or University who have completed basic science in their respective field.


  • Participation in Morning Conference
  • Ward Round
  • Bedside case discussion
  • History taking
  • Physical examination
  • Case presentation
  • Topic presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Patient care
  • Patient counseling
  • Outpatient Depatment

Optional (depends upon Hospital and Department):

  • Observation in Operation Theater
  • Observation of Normal Delivery
  • Observation of Cesarean Section Delivery
  • Assist in surgery
  • Hands-on

Package offer

  • Airport pick up
  • Road trip to placement destination city
  • Hospital placement
  • 24 hour Support at Placement
  • Daily Transportation service to placement
  • Accommodation with host family/ apartment/ hotel
  • Meals (Nepali Standard)
  • Local language Lessons
  • Cooking classes
  • City tour with Boating
  • Visit to Government school- Teaching/ Interaction
  • Visit to old age home or Geriatric centre
  • Participate in rural health camp
  • Participate in free health camp
  • Participate in blood donation program
  • Participate in Cultural program
  • Support with university Documentation
  • Return road trip to International Airport